Engaging Leadership

Do you boss by force or inspire a force? This presentation provides audience members with a proven "CARE" formula that provides the constituent parts of engagement for management and employees.

Customer Service

Working with the public can put a drain on emotional resources in any organization. Audiences learn techniques and skills to bolster self-confidence and organizational skills, and ways to turn "complaints into compliments.

Personal Development

How do you increase your chances for opportunity and advancement in this stressful and highly competitive world? Audiences learn valuable skills that increase their confidence and self-esteem and how to recognize opportunities instead of missing them.

Engagement Expertise

How do you get yourself engaged in your work, organization or group? How do you boost morale and motivate others to catch the vision? Engagement for employees has become the greatest need for employers and employees endlessly searching for ways to jump start stagnant initiative. Learn how to take people past the “doubt barrier” to build a sustaining influential drive.
Live on Purpose Radio with host Dr. Paul
“Ken Gallacher spoke to our Provo Professional Development Series on the topic of ‘Restoring Careers Damaged by the Great Recession.’ He captivated our audience with a presentation customized to our group, and outlining four practical points to achieve success. We received several compliments from those who attended and how much they appreciated his message. They asked us to book him again.” --Larry Stevenson
“I just want to take a moment to thank you for speaking at our event. Your message was timely, relevant and very well delivered. Our industry, like most others, is one that requires us to creatively solve problems. Your entertaining message delivered an inspiring look at how we can accomplish that very task in our everyday work lives.” --Bob Dickson