Moving Faster Than The Speed Of Doubt

Moving Faster Than the Speed of Doubt is for anyone who is caught in a rut, needing to jump start their life in finding their life mission, purpose, or facing challenges or problems that may not have readily apparent answers. This unique approach focuses on a formula for developing a sustainable vision to follow an aspiration, solve problems, or take a business venture to the next level. With easy to follow steps and formulas, these tools can be applied to personal endeavors, customer service, sales, money management, and leadership. This no-nonsense guide will be of help to anyone who is ready to take control of their life or their organization and get it on track toward a sustainable vision.

“Moving Faster than the Speed of Doubt is a valuable, insightful, and engaging guidebook for life – regardless of whatever stage of life you are in. Ken Gallacher has drawn from the best life experiences of others and himself as he outlines achievable steps we can all take to enhance our lives and realize our goals.”

Michael Mower
Senior Advisor to Utah Governors Jon Huntsman, Jr.
and Gary R. Herbert.

“Moving Faster Than the Speed of Doubt” is enough of an intriguing title to invite you to open the book. The sentence that challenged me to read deeper is “Everything you will ever accomplish worthwhile will have a traceable pathway you can look back over to see your progress.” If you are looking for advice on how to accomplish your most challenging goals you have found the right book.”

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Past President, National Speakers Association

“’Moving Faster Than the Speed of Doubt’ isn’t just a clever slogan, but a way of life. Ken Gallacher doesn’t simply motivate, but offers an easy to follow and specific formula for conquering doubts and pursuing the things that matter most in life. The inspirational thoughts highlight his great literary taste, while insightful personal stories highlight his deep understanding of human nature. Reading this made me candidly evaluate my fears and gave me a framework for breaking through them. Whether for business, family or your own self-improvement, I highly recommend this book.”

Todd Jensen, CEO and Entrepreneur
Gravitate Online

“A well written practical book, that is principle based with excellent examples. A must read book for people who want to soar in life.”

Bill Applegarth
Mayor, Riverton City, Utah

“Everyone has doubts but not everyone is willing to talk about them. I loved Ken Gallacher’s real examples. His personal experiences helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in my doubts, concerns, and fears. I immediately felt strengthened and more optimistic about life. I picked up the book because I liked the title and I quickly found I couldn’t put it down. I read it all in one sitting.”

Karen C. Eddington
Identity Researcher and Mom Comedian

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