Are you looking for ways to take your organization to a higher level?

Ken Gallacher is a thought leader with practical advice that works, and his trainings will motivate and inspire audience members to break through personal barriers. He is a keynote speaker and nationally published author, with a message to help people by tapping into their unused talents.

Ken’s presentations are packed with creative ideas, which can be used immediately to create better results. Audiences will be entertained by engaging stories, humor, and inspirational messages. Each presentation is catered specifically to the needs of the audience, and people walk away with skill sets to solve problems that they have been dealing with.
The messages that Ken shares will help members of the audience discover hidden personal potential, and to inspire them to overcome the obstacles that they are facing. He has conquered devastating adversity in both health and business, and the lessons that he learned through his experiences helped him rebuild his life stronger than before. Through these experiences, he developed a set of life tools for success, and he is passionate about sharing these tools with other people.

Popular Program Topics

– “Engagement Powered Leadership” –  Do you boss by force or inspire a force?  This presentation provides audience members with a proven “CARE” formula that provides the constituent parts of engagement for management and employees.

“Engaging Customer Service” – Working with the public an put a drain on emotional resources in any organization.  Audiences learn techniques and skills to bolster self-confidence and organizational skills, as well as ways to turn “complaints into compliments.”

“Personal Engagement and Self-Esteem” – How do you increase your chances for opportunity and advancement in this stressful and highly competitive world?  Audiences learn valuable skills that increase their confidence and self-esteem as well as how to recognize opportunities instead of missing them.

“Effective Engagement Expertise” – How do you get yourself engaged in your work, organization or group? How do you boost morale and motivate others to catch the vision? Engagement for employees has become the greatest need for employers and employees endlessly searching for ways to jump start stagnant initiative. Learn how to take people past the “doubt barrier” to build a sustaining influential drive.

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